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Energy Ratings

Since 2002 we have been auditing designs form Architects, Building Designers, builders and clients for energy ratings. With an excellent knowledge in Thermal Performances we provide the best solutions to standard or difficult designs for 6 star ratings.

ESD Management & Steps Reports

A development in the municipality of the City of Darebin requires an ESD Management report. In preparation of a report, Catania Designs Pty Ltd has considered the ESD initiatives in alignment with Environmentally Sustainable Development policy referenced in the Moreland Planning Scheme. Strategies and initiatives raised in the policy are:

  • Applying the energy and resource efficiency, sustainable transport, pollution reduction, waste management and stormwater quality objectives contained in the SPPF at clauses 12.07, 12.08, 15.12, 18.09 and 19.03 to local circumstances;
  • Building on key sustainability objectives expressed in Clause 21.03 of the Municipal Strategic Statement (MSS) and throughout the Key Strategic Statements contained in Clause 21.05 of the MSS.
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